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High Performance Brushless DC Electric  Motor  36V 600W
> Light Weight, Aluminium Housing
> Embedded Hall Sensors, Works with Motor Controller
> Long life, Insensitive to Environment
  • Nominal Speed 5700 RPM
  • Nominal Voltage 36V DC
  • Power-In 665W
  • Power-Out 600W
  • Efficiency  90%
  • High Torque 1Nm
  • 8-12 Poles/Slots Configuration
  • Permanent Magnet Design
  • Hall Sensors
  • Max Temperature Sensor
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Housing Dimensions: 60*100 mm
  • Dimensions with Heatsink: 66*128 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 14 mm
  • Shaft Lenght: 40 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Steel Bearings
  • Customizable Shaft Lenght
  • Customizable Lead Terminals
  • Customizable Flange
  • Dust Free
  • Operating Temperature: -30+120 deg
BLDC Motors for Battery Operated Devices
Latitude Technology  DC voltage brush-less motors are designed and constructed having in mind  both low voltage directives in place in EU and USA and battery operated  tools rquirements where supply voltage is usually  in 12-50V DC range.   Weight, power consumption, torque an speed cabability are carefully balanced  to maximize performances and   minimize the amount of power.  

Highest Performance and Lowest Power Consumption
Performance balance is our core competence and we offer our clients motors tuned to their needs. Our engineers carefully select motor parameters to meet your requirements. Magnet choice, number of poles, windings, flux path, detent  torque,  encoders are carefully  designed and simulated to meet targeted specifications. The higher the number of pole pairs, the higher the amount of brushless motor torque for the same dissipated power.  Our motor mazimize  torque always  having in mind to deliver  the most power possible into the smallest motor package at desidered  speed.   

Feedback Options
LAT416H is equipped with Hall sensors for typical applications where load and speed varies  and the commutation controller  is required.
Temperature sensor also embedded to monitor maximum magnet temperatures and avoid performance degradation over 120 deg C.
For corresponding  sensorless version see LAT416S. For more information on Latitude  motor controllers see dedicated product pages.

Housing  and  Custom Features
Motor housing construction  is modular and within certain limitation can be modified to meet customer targets.  Shaft can be longer, shorter or having a different diameter with e.g. cross holes, axial holes. Flange can be customized. Lead terminations, connectors, wiring colors are fully customizable.

Operating Temperature Range
LAT416H  is built to perform in the -30 +120 degree Celsius temperature range.

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