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Shipping Methods and Carriers

How To Buy

Shipping Methods and Carriers:

We use a variety of carriers for each shipping option, and will choose the most appropriate delivery method for your desired shipping address. Most items may be shipped to P.O. boxes. It is not possible to specify a preferred carrier when placing your order. We may use air or ground shipping as necessary to get your items to you within the time frame of 2 working days.

Tracking your Package:

If you have a tracking or delivery confirmation number, you can track your package directly on carrier web site. The shipping method and carrier for your package will be listed your shipment confirmation e-mail. If you need to contact the carrier, you'll find contact information below.
Note: To speed delivery, shippers may not location-scan all of their shipments. When shipping volume is high, packages are processed in bulk, and the first time a package is scanned may be upon arrival at a regional hub near the destination, or even when the package is delivered. If you don't see any tracking data for your shipment, and the estimated delivery date has not yet passed, please do not be concerned, some shipmentsare not trackable.
If you're not sure whether your order has been shipped, check the status of your recent order



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