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IR Motion Remote Controller


Motion Remocon is a cost effective wireless pointing system developed by Pointchips that uses a pointing processor to simplify the complexity of the today's remote controllers. Motion remocon simplifies the remote controller for a variety of display based devices. Indeed the menu can be easily shown on the display and selected through the "point & click" feature provided by the motion remocon. It supports 3D pointing functions as well. Target applications are:

  • Set-top-boxes for Digital TV and IPTV
  • Notebook
  • Home Entertainment system
  • Game Devices
  • Video Conference Equipments
  • Portable Navigation Devices
  • Man Machine Interfaces (MMI, UI)

Motion Remocon is a standard remote controller that uses IR to add positioning function. When the IR remote controller is lighted by the user, the Pointing System extracts the movement of the image and calculates the variation of the remote control movements.

bud mouse demo (*.wmv file)

The Positioning System uses the calculated variation and the characteristics of image of the light source transforming the movement parameters into the value of either relative or absolute coordinate system and pass the information to the target system.

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